Tu aashiqui serial || latest written update ||23rd september 2017


Tu aashiqui serial || latest written update ||23rd september 2017 – He says its astounding, we met twice in two days, (Tu aashiqui serial) I m simply attempting to help, you tumbled from auto, possibly you were with your significant other. She reviews. (Tu aashiqui serial)  Pankti says I get a kick out of the chance to get jerks, simply clear out like tu aashiqui the famous serial. Specialist comes and asks Ahaan is he her significant other. Ahaan says no. Jayant converses with specialist and gets irate thinking about Pankti. Specialist asks is he her BF. Her mum comes and asks how would you know she had desserts.(Tu aashiqui serial)  She recognizes Ahaan and figures how does Pankti know him. Ahaan says no, her mum is coming. He requests that Pankti not think self-destructive, its wrong, don’t have much dessert next time.

Pankti’s mum gets her home and chides her. Purva tries to state. Her mum requests that Pankti swear on Purva and say she won’t do this once more.(Tu aashiqui serial) She chides him and requests that he clear out. Ahaan goes.  Her mum thinks its great Pankti didn’t know Ahaan much, if Ahaan remains around her, it will be enormous inconvenience. Pankti swears. Her mum requests that her not converse with any person once more. She startles her of JD and sends her to room.

tu aashiqui serial
tu aashiqui serial

Ahaan sings a melody and plays guitar everyday. JD requests that he sit and unwind, who is that young lady. Ahaan says nobody. (Tu aashiqui serial)JD discloses to him how an exceptional meet motivates a craftsman. He asks who is that fortunate young lady. Ahaan says nobody fortunate, she was an JD looks on and requests that he incorporate him in his tune, at that point tune will get finish. Ahaan says Bade Papa… .odd young lady, she had much in her heart. JD asks where did he see her. Ahaan says don’t have any acquaintance with, her mum was acting bizarre like she is her mum in law. JD says there is no man who can state no to him. (Tu aashiqui serial) Ahaan says no, she was an exceptional young lady. JD asks and what… . Ahaan says I don’t have any acquaintance with her.D says it implies that young lady is hitched, we are regarded individuals and can’t cross breaking points. Ahaan says yet I can like her. JD says for what reason to see her in the event that you can’t make her yours, (Tu aashiqui serial) in the event that you complete a wrongdoing, you need to hold up under discipline. Ahaan requests that he spare him.


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