Rahul said This That The Rafael dal is black || Shocking

Rahul said This The That Rafael dal is black || Shocking – The warrior airship Rafale bargain was by and by talking about in Parliament. Congress and the administration’s frenzy between the two in the House on this issue. Congress president amid the exchange emphasized the JPC request and that entire beats of Rafael is dark. In the interim, Rafael rates were preparing to reappear the appeal to the Supreme Court. The fighter aircraft Rafale deal was once again discussed in Parliament. Congress and the government’s ruckus between the two in the House on this issue.

 Congress said during the discussion reiterated the JPC demand and that whole pulses of Rafael is black. Meanwhile, Rahul Rafael deal came Arun Jaitley in response to re-enter the petition to the Supreme Court Rafael rates by referring to the Bofors gun deal. Arun Jaitley about the price, “said Rafael was talking about. 

Rahul said This why ? The Rafael dal is black || Shocking
Rahul said This why ? The Rafael dal is black || Shocking

Rahul said I am angry

That is because in this country households, which mathematics money is understandable, but do not understand the country’s security. ” Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Rahul questions have said, “When the Supreme Court decision in the case, even though they are concerned about this.” Rahul Gandhi reiterated JPC demand again in the House. He will know the JPC that corruption in Rafael rates. Getting prepared.

Rahul Gandhi ‘These have turned the tape, said it before everybody and said that Rafael case documents in the bureau of Chief Minister of Goa meeting was lying in my home.’ Arun Jaitley stated, “He realizes that the tape is phony, so they are not ready to confirm it. This man (he) is a liar, lie five times each day. ” At present, the House proceeds with hullabaloo from the two sides. Then, individuals AIDMK are additionally challenging. Frenzy mounting see Rahul Gandhi said that he won’t run tape. Arun Jaitley about the cost, “said Rafael was discussing.

That is on the grounds that in this nation families, which arithmetic cash is justifiable, yet don’t comprehend the nation’s security. ” Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on his questions have stated, “When the Supreme Court choice for the situation, despite the fact that Rahul Gandhi are worried about this.”


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